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Click the Start button and a little progress bar and window will appear showing you how long it will take. Added Musepack, Opus and Ogg decoders as standard AIFF can decode and encode 32 bit float FLAC updated to 1.3.1 flac AAC decoder able to better handle minor corrupted files flac ALAC decoder able to decode mono files flac decoder able to handle youtube extracted aac track iTunenorm tags are dropped during conversion Multi-Encoder: now supports [encoder] and [encoder+] in dynamic filenaming Wave tag decoding, if a INFO/list tag element is not recognized (such as non-standard) the tag is read out as its 4 char ID (read only tags), which can be mapped mean pop over to this website flac2mp3 freeware Download flac to mp3 Converter Now xACT is just a graphic user interface (GUI) for a few command line tools, like LAME (MP3 encoder) and shntool (wave data processing tool), so it doesn't look or sound all that exciting. Its interface may also be a little confusing if you're not familiar with the command-line utilities it's built upon. Nonetheless, once you get past any minor confusion you'll find that xACT is just really good at converting your audio files. It can handle a bunch of different formats, like SHN, FLAC, AIFF, OFR, LPAC, WV, ALAC, LA, TTA, TAK, MKW, MPEG-4 ALS, and Bonk (to name a few—but not all).